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Nemocice Říčany

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Ricany hospital


Dear ladies and gentlemen,

I would like to welcome you on the official web pages of Ricany hospital. I hope these web pages will be easy to navigate through and you will find everything you are looking for.

Our hospital is one of the smaller health care providers. It has inpatient internal department, one day surgery department and inpatient department of physiotherapy. Our hospital has numerous general and specialized outpatient offices. Our new department of clinical biochemistry and hematology offers both inpatient and outpatient care. Digitalized radiology department guarantees quality imagining and diagnostics. It does not matter what health problem brings you to our hospital, you will always be treated by a team of highly skilled doctors, nurses and nursing staff. Our priorities are safe surgeries and patients trust. All of our doctors are fully qualified and have long practice from big clinics. We pride ourselves on a nice and open approach to patients and we try to achieve familiar environment. You do not have to be afraid of long waiting periods for individual procedures or for treatment. In January 2012 our hospital gained a status of specialized healthcare provider, which provides so called one day surgery. Within the first three months of this year we already conducted few hundred surgeries including elective procedures in orthopedics and traumatohology. On the webpage of our hospital you can find detailed information about the whole spectrum of provided care including contacts for our call center and online appointment system,

I hope you will be satisfied with our services and care.

I wish you speedy recovery and get well soon.

MUDr. Radek Cabrnoch
Director of Ricany hospital

Information for patients

What is one day surgery?

One day surgery is a new method with short term hospital stay, most often up to 48 hours. Surgery is performed just few hour after patient enters the hospital. After the surgery, patient is moved to post surgery room where his state is monitored by doctors. Depending on the type and extend of the surgery, the patient can be discharged the same or the following day. One day surgery focuses on elective procedures, mostly laparoscopic, such as removal of the gallbladder, appendix, varicose veins, hemorrhoids, umbilical and inguinal hernias. Beside abdominal surgery, Ricany hospital now provides also orthopedic care under arthroscopic center, which focuses on diagnostics and treatment of joint diseases.

What they say about us


MUDr. Robin Strnad


My first impression (with Ricany hospital) was very good. First surgeries went smoothly and since then I come to Ricany regularly every other week for one day of surgeries.

MUDr. Barbora Diepoltova


I am very glad, that now we offer modern and high quality treatment of diabetes to many patients form Ricany and its surroundings.

MUDr. Jan Kykal


I started working as a doctor on internal department in 1995. Now I with joy watch modernization of our hospital and I am very glad I can be a part of it.


Ing. B. Vojtechova


I would like to thank Dr. Tomaides for his professional approach and good communication. I can highly recommend (this hospital)



I would like to thank all of the nurses and doctors of internal and physiotherapy department for the amazing care they provided for my mom.

Nemocice Říčany
Our hospital
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